About us

Implantology Dental Clinic started its steps 30 years ago when Dr. Edgar Montalvo graduates from medical and dentist and decides to open a clinic to serve both dentistry and aesthetic medicine. In these years we have joined other professionals; Dra. Nubiola Agudelo, my wife, and my daughter Dra. Lourdes Montalvo.
As you see, we have gradually built a group of professionals that together we cover dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

  In these years we have studied everything related to dental medicine and aesthetics. I could make the masters of implantology in California and New York and also masters of cosmetic medicine in Rio de Janeiro with Dr. Pitanguy and the University of Valencia.
All these additions
and knowledge make
Clinical CIDYCEC
different and exceptional.
Our Profesionals

Dr. Edgar Montalvo
- Doctor in medicine and dentist.
- Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (University of Seville).
- Master in Aesthetic Medicine (University of Valencia).
- Specialist in Implantology (Core Vent Implantology Institute, California)
- Master in Implantology (Park Dental Research Corporation).


Dra. Nubiola Agudelo
- Dentist (University of Barcelona).

    Dra. Lourdes Montalvo
- Dentist (European University of Valencia).
                Tec. Susana Carbonell
- Technical nursing assistant.
- Geriatric Nursing Assistant.
- Senior Technician image for diagnosis.
- Magnetic resonance.
- Dental Radiology for TSID.
- Technical superior oral hygiene.

Monday to Friday
From 10:00 to 14:00 h.
From 17:30 to 20:00 h.
C/Juan Fuster Zaragoza , 1
Edif. Acuarium, 3
Tel: 965 86 42 72
C/Calderón de la Barca, 2 - 1º
Tel: 965 21 24 07